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1001 Greatest Pop Songs Of All Time - #23 - Biology by Girls Aloud

Adem: Fairly appropriate that this song be the next Aloud entry into the list, seeing as it is literally only MERE WEEKS till the lovely ladies visit our ("our' being myself and the CFBgoespop ladies) home country of Australia, in gear to launch "Biology" as their first 'proper' (ie: properly promoted) single here.

Asking me what my favourite Girls Aloud song is would be like asking me what my favourite Madonna song is. Even though I know the answer to both, there's such a fine line between songs that it really is a difficult decision to make within yourself. It's even tougher to go sharing such bold statements outside of your mind.

Up until "Biology", "Love Machine" pretty much only JUST found itself as my most treasured Aloud single. But then again, has there ever been a single as eclectic and glorious as "Biology"? My honest opinion is that no, there has not. I could very well pass away tomorrow and would be content in knowing that I had lived my life long enough to have heard the greatest pop record of all time.

You see, for me, this song has easily trumped my original choice of Pat Benatar's "Love is a battlefield" as pop musics finest moment. The first time I heard it, I got goosebumps. The second time I heard it, I found myself crying with joy at the chorus (not a joke, I cried real tears). The third time I heard it, I knew it was the greatest piece of music created in the history of sound.

I, like Claire with her "...Baby One More Time" entry earlier, don't know whether anything I say could ever quite do this song the justice it deserves. I almost think that it may even be too good for the general music consumer. I mean, it takes all of the greatest elements of every single brilliant moment ABBA had and gives it a tonne of really high quality cocaine, throws in a chorus that sounds as if it was molded on the genius robotics only found in sweetness of the remade Stepford Wives movie, and, god, that piano... It's all just too much for mere mortals to take in, surely?

The lyrics, and the vocal delivery, are just several hundred levels of amazing as well. "So I've got my cappuccino to go, and I'm heading for the hills again" is true Aloud-Avant-Garde joy, and when they pipe in with "We give it up... and then they take it away", I can, everytime without fail, feel every single hair on my body stand on end, ready to leap from out of my skin, onto the nearest dancefloor to begin some kind of insanely dramatic dance of life.

But easily, without any doubt, the songs most shining moment comes from the line: "The way that we talk, The way that we walk..." Such a simple line, yet so effective. The tears of joy I mentioned earlier? That was the line that got me, and still does get me.

This will be the single I forever remember Girls Aloud for. It will be the first song that comes to my head whenever someone says "Pop music". Till the day I die, I can assure you that no other song will ever quite match, let alone beat, its utter brilliance and shining glory. If a song were to ever trump "Biology" and its greatness, I'd imagine that there would be serious global damage, because surely people's ears are just not ready for anything THAT amazing.


Blogger craigyboi said...

I agree. This song WILL be the song girls aloud are remembered for (or maybe models if they release it...)Its sassy, dancey and so god damn british it hurts.

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