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1001 Greatest Pop Songs Of All Time - #16 - All Mixed Up by The Twins

Adem: To this day, it truly saddens me that those crazy Blakeney Twins were not given a hit single in their rather short musical career, because at least one of their three songs deserved to be number 1 for years. The then stars of Neighbours were regarded as quite the sexy pair, and would later be hailed by many as "The Original Izzy Hoyland's", except nowhere near as electrifying.

Or, you know, good.

Yes, they may have come across as rather saturated club anthem seekers, but they were gorgeous, spunky (in a time where the term "spunky" was quite "hip") and were two of the shittest dancers you would ever see in your entire life. It was paramount that they attempt the leap from soap stars to pop stars, after all, Kylie and Jason had done so well following these guidelines, and with the Stock/Aitken/Waterman hit factory - why couldn't they?

"All Mixed Up", unsurprisingly a Stock/Aitken/Waterman production, will forever stand in my eyes as the greatest Australian pop single EVER made. The typical PWL bassline, and the kitchen-sink vocal arrangement stink of the dawn of 1991 - yet if it were to be played in a club today, I can almost guarantee it would be stinker-free and go down a storm. If it were re-released it would probably sell more today than it did then as well.

The song, one about two girls (twins in this particular example) are both seeing the same man, is somewhat touching. You see, this man just cannot decide which of the two girls he wants to be with, hence the lyrics "All mixed up, it's so confusing". Confusing indeed.

Words such as "indecision" are thrown around carelessly by our beloved sister-twins, sister-twins in the public eye years before the Veronicas would enter our homes and hearts. It really is an almighty pity then, that these beloved ladies and their outstanding debut single did not ignite our charts alight. I cannot recall how badly it tanked in Oz, but I have found that it peaked at a disappointing #77 in the U.K.

Where are they now? Those cheeky twins (cheeky before the Cheeky Girls) now run a phenomenally successful toy company in the states. Their own toy company, mind you. Apparently, they're quite filthy rich because of it.

I'm guessing their return to pop may not be happening anytime soon then. What a depressing shame.

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